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Soft skills help children in building their character as well as shaping and refining their personalities for those coming adult years [7]. Each and every game in a playground has a purpose and every game a child plays in a playground teaches him a lesson. We will be discussing the most significant and vital lessons that are tough by playing and improve children's soft skills. See-saws give the opportunity to interact with another child and develop balance and coordination [3]. Climbing a slide for the first time can be a great confidence builder and help children learn to take small risks which increase their courage [3]. This is also depending on how friendly and trusting the environment is, as it gives the kids a chance to put themselves on the line a little bit. This teaches them that if they do a mistake, it is not the end of the world [7]. Moreover, playgrounds can teach children how to cope when things do not work out their way, set goals, work toward a common goal and maintain their dignity [7]. The vital part of playing is learning that they cannot always reach what they want. There are rules on the playground, just like there are rules in the real world [7]. In order to get along or to succeed, kids have got to understand and abide by those rules. Therefore, children have to learn patience, how to let out their frustration without harming themselves or others [7]. No one wins every time, the playground is not the only place to learn that but it provides an opportunity for it. Once children learn it on the playgrounds they can apply it in other places in their lives. They can transfer the skills from the playground to real life. Children learn how to navigate through the development of social and emotional skills, which increases their problem solving skills later in life [7]. Finally, the playground offers children different ways to find themselves through trial and error and this is how they learn and succeed in their future lives [7]. It also offers them with an chance to branch out of their comfort zone, test things out, and experiment with new habits, behaviors and traits. It gives them a chance to take a deep breath and find the courage to dive in and let go of mistakes [7]. When it comes down to it, it is not an issue of learning how to deal with failure but how to deal with success [7]. The playground can help disabled kids feel more confident about who they are, their abilities and what they are good at. So while conducting our design we should emphasize on the importance of equality between the disabled children in the Special Care Center and normal children.

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