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在英国,PI是第一重点是由Lady Plowden在小学教育的改进可能是一个因素(菲茨杰拉德,2004)。她的报告是在1960年中央教育咨询委员会委托编写的有关儿童及其小学的审查报告的基础上编写的。在这篇文章中,她提出了许多关于加强英国教育的建议。例如,她主张个体儿童应处于促进“创造性”和“自发性”的教育体系的核心。她还建议改善父母与学校之间的关系是进步的关键因素(中央教育咨询委员会,1967)。虽然当时被许多人批评(吉拉德,2004),Browne认为,这份报告是在PI的许多方面的背后,今天仍然很明显。例如,学校的报道,关于家长送孩子,父母晚上学校选择,PTA(现在改成家长论坛和议会在一些国家)和学校开放日仍然是常见的地方(布朗海洛克,2004)。可以说,她的报告的许多元素似乎明显;在新的苏格兰“卓越课程的指导也强调“创造力”,教育孩子的个体作为一个整体和家长来参与这一过程的重要性(苏格兰政府,2008)。对一个社会的水平,在20世纪80年代,专业人士与普通人之间在西方文化的转变。这导致了父母的出现,因此教育和学校的消费者注定要对父母以及政府和地方当局负责。(merttens et al.,1996)。这肯定有助于上升状态PI在20世纪80年代的英国。然而,在一个教育层次,布朗海洛克(2004)举出的一些研究报告,阅读具体的区域内,在这个时间有显著影响的态度PI。这些报告包括哈林盖区项目(Tizard et al.,1982引用Brown &海洛克,2004))和贝尔菲尔德阅读项目(Hannon & Jackson 1987引在布朗海洛克,2004)。这两份报告(以及类似的研究)发现,当父母参与到孩子的阅读以及在家阅读时,孩子的阅读成绩和学习动机可能会更高。这样的研究确保了PI运动在过去几十年中获得了势头,这得益于各国政府同意与之相关的利益。在苏格兰的父母也希望咨询作为学校视察部分输出到文件。
In the United Kingdom, PI was first given emphasis as a possible factor in the improvement of primary education by Lady Plowden (Fitzgerald, 2004). Her report was written on the basis of a review commissioned by the Central Advisory Council for Education in the 1960s, relating to children and their primary schools. In it, she set out numerous recommendations for enhancing education in England. For instance, she advocated that the individual child should be at the heart of an education system that promotes 'creativity' and 'spontaneity'. She also suggested that improving the relationship between parents and schools was a key element for progression (Central Advisory Council for Education, 1967). Although criticised by many at the time (Gillard, 2004), Browne suggests that this report was behind many of the aspects of PI which are still evident today. For example, school reports, choice regarding the schools that parents send their children to, parents evenings, PTA's (now replaced by parent forums and councils in some countries) and school open days are all still common place (Browne & Haylock, 2004). It could be said that many elements of her report appear to be evident today; guidance on the new Scottish 'Curriculum for Excellence' also emphasises 'creativity', the importance of educating the individual child as a whole and the need for parents to be part of this process (Scottish Government, 2008).On a social level, the 1980s saw a shift within Western culture between professionals and everyday people. This resulted in the emergence of parents as consumers in education and schools were therefore destined to become accountable to parents as well as governments and local authorities. (Merttens et al., 1996).This is certain to have contributed towards the rising status of PI in Britain during the 1980s. However, on an educational level, Brown & Haylock (2004) cite several research reports, within the area of reading specifically, as having a significant impact on attitudes towards PI at this time. Some of these reports include the Haringey Project (Tizard et al., 1982 cited in Brown & Haylock, 2004)) and the Belfield Reading Project (Hannon& Jackson 1987 cited in Brown & Haylock, 2004). Both these reports (and similar studies) found that children's reading achievement and motivation in school were likely to be higher when parents were involved in reading to their children as well as helping with reading at home. Research such as this has ensured that the PI movement has been gaining momentum over the past few decades, helped by the agreement of Governments regarding the benefits associated with it. Parents in Scotland can also expect to be consulted as part of HMIE school inspections.

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